Galgiani Applauds Xavier Bacerra's Confirmation

January 23, 2017


The California Senate Supports Becerra for Attorney General

SACRAMENTO—State Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) confirmed the appointment of Xavier Becerra for California’s highest law enforcement official, Attorney General.

“I look forward to working with Attorney General Becerra on issues that are important to my district and to California,” stated Galgiani, “We need to be vigilant and work together on protecting the public from dangerous criminals, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and the preservation of all Californian’s civil rights.”

Becerra was confirmed with a Senate vote of 26-9 today.  The Attorney General is California’s top law enforcement official and attorney.  According to the Attorney General’s website, the mission of the Attorney General is to, “Enforce and apply all of our laws fairly and impartially, ensure justice, safety and liberty for everyone, encourage economic prosperity, equal opportunity and tolerance, and safeguard California's human, natural and financial resources for this and future generations.”

“I am confident that Attorney General Becerra will work with the Legislature and I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and continuing to move California in the right direction.”


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