Capitol Staff

David Stammerjohan, Chief of Staff 

Susan Mitchell, Scheduler/Assistant

Logan Hess, Legislative Director

Anna Billy, Senior Policy Analyst

Alicia Hatfield, Legislative Aide

Jacob Fraker, Legislative LGBTQ Caucus Consultant

Alison Kostusak, Office Assistant

District Staff

Lilliana Udang, District Director

Tony Wong, Field Representative

Zenet Negron, Field Representative

Joel Reyna, Field Representative

Committee Assignments

Agriculture – Tony Wong

Banking and Financial Institutions – Alison Kostusak

Budget and Fiscal Review (except Subcommittee #3) – Logan Hess

Budget Subcommittee #3 – David Stammerjohan

Business, Professions and Economic Development – Logan Hess

Education – Anna Billy

Elections and Constitutional Amendments – Alison Kostusak

Energy, Utilities and Communications – Logan Hess

Environmental Quality – Lilliana Udang

Governance and Finance – Alicia Hatfield

Governmental Organization – Anna Billy

Health – Anna Billy

Housing – Alicia Hatfield

Human Services – Jacob Fraker

Insurance – Jacob Fraker

Judiciary – Lilliana Udang

Labor, Public Employment and Retirement – David Stammerjohan

Military and Veterans Affairs – Alicia Hatfield

Natural Resources and Water – Lilliana Udang

Public Safety – Alicia Hatfield

Transportation – Zenet Negron