Senator Galgiani Issued the following statement today, in response to the attack on innocent lives at a night club in Orlando, Florida

June 13, 2016

California State Senator Cathleen Galgiani issued the following statement today, in response to the attack on innocent lives at a night club in Orlando, Florida:

Sacramento, CA -- Today we join the world in mourning the unconscionable shooting in Orlando. My heart
aches for the families, loved ones and friends of those whose promising lives were ended. Let us pray for them,
and let us pray to ease the pain and torment of those who survived, for they will never forget the horror and
suffering that no one should ever have to witness.

As we struggle to cope with this senseless act of hatred, let us thank our law enforcement community, and let us
share the countless stories of courageous acts by so many victims, who put their lives in harm’s way to save the
life of another. I ask you to think about the love and compassion of brave individuals like 26-year-old Josh
McGill, who instead of running to safety within police parameters, stopped to help a total stranger, who was
stumbling toward him, covered in blood.

Josh grabbed the young man, pulled him to safety behind a car, and waited until he could tie off the man’s
wounds, and summon the physical strength to usher them both to safety, only to find that the young man was
suffering a third gunshot wound to his back. Josh stayed with this young man, holding him in his arms, applying
pressure to his wounds in the back of a police car, until emergency personnel could respond. Rodney and many
other victims survived because of young men and women like Josh McGill, who refused to put their own fears
and needs ahead of a stranger’s need for help.

This is just one of the many heartbreaking stories of courage and compassion shown by individuals who were
victims of hatred, just because of who they love.

Lives were forever changed yesterday. But as we mourn the violence, tragedy, and scars this event will leave on
us, let us find hope and comfort in remembering Josh McGill and countless other heroes like him, who deserve
our admiration, and respect, for the bravery and love they carry in their hearts for others they may never know