Burned-out boat pulled from Sacramento River. What about the other 50 in the Delta?

As excerpted from the Sacramento Bee. 

“It is not often that the county sponsors a bill,” said Natasha Drane, governmental relations and legislative officer for Sacramento County. “This issue is of importance to Sacramento County. We have over 30 abandoned vessels just in Sacramento County; it’s the reason why we wanted to take a leadership role in this. But we know and recognize that it’s a statewide issue, which is why we are pursuing a statewide program.”

Sacramento County is sponsoring Senate Bill 1065, introduced by Sen. Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, which would create the California Abandoned and Derelict Commercial Vessel Program to clear abandoned boats. The new program would create a standard source of funding to allow counties to clear abandoned vessels, rather than having them rely on emergency grants from the California State Lands Commission, as Sacramento County did in the case of “All American.”

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