California lawmakers vote to speed up state process for terminally ill to end their lives

As excerpted from the LA Times.

Current law requires patients to make two verbal requests to physicians at least 15 days apart and one written request that is signed, dated and witnessed by two adults.

However, state Sen. Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton) said the process in her 2016 bill takes too long so some patients are dying in pain before they can get a prescription.

“The current process is very difficult sometimes, especially for people at the end stages of life, and unnecessarily cumbersome and with many roadblocks to being able to use it,” Eggman said during a legislative hearing on her bill.

“Oftentimes people will die in exactly the way they feared dying before they are able to use the law,” she added. Patients who have supported the law have said they want a death with dignity.

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