Gadget Industry Tosses a Wrench Into ‘Right to Repair’ Efforts

As excerpted from Pew Trusts - Stateline. 

Elizabeth Chamberlain, director of sustainability at iFixit, an independent technology repair company, said that while momentum is building, the New York case shows that right to repair advocates need to be vigilant about all the legislation.

“We recognize there will be narrowings [of legislation],” she said in a phone interview. “We are going to have to fight on.”

But the movement is accelerating, she said. For example, in California, state Sen. Susan Eggman, a Democrat, has introduced a broad right to repair bill for the fifth time, but now is more optimistic.

“It’s rare to introduce a big new idea and be successful on the first attempt,” Eggman said in a statement emailed to Stateline. “From the federal action to other state bills and manufacturers reacting to this momentum by improving reparability and access to repair, the idea is catching on. It’s a lot harder to argue against when people are aware of it.”

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