The growing push for major action on mental health and homelessness

As excerpted from Capitol Weekly.

"Sen. Susan Talamantes Eggman, D-Stockton, a former social worker and college professor who chairs the Senate Health Committee and is widely acknowledged as the state’s legislative leader on mental health legislation, almost succeeded in expanding the grave disability standard in legislation last year. Her SB 1416 sailed through the state Senate with bipartisan support, and was unanimously passed by the Assembly Health Committee. But it died without being heard in Assembly Judiciary, then chaired by Assemblyman Mark Stone, D-Santa Cruz."


"Eggman is preparing to announce a package of bills in early March, with her major focus on expanding the grave disability standard. Reflecting the distinctly bipartisan push for mental health reform, newly elected state Sen. Roger Niello, R-Sacramento, a former state assemblyman and Sacramento County supervisor, has also introduced a bill, SB 232, to expand the standard. He said he is working with Eggman to craft a bipartisan measure, calling homelessness and mental illness “a very high priority.”"

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