Galgiani Successful in Court of Appeal for High Speed Rail Bond Funding

Statement from Senator Cathleen Galgiani:

 “As the author of Prop 1A, I am intimately familiar with the language of the bond measure, and the context in which it was enacted. Therefore, I filed a separate Amicus in the Third Appellate District Court asking that the Trial Court be reversed, to allow the High Speed Rail project to move forward."

 "Prop 1A contained the most stringent oversight and accountability requirements of any bond measure ever enacted in the history of this state. But oversight and funding authority was explicitly delegated to the Legislature – not the Court. As the author of the High Speed Rail Bond, I recognized that a project of this magnitude would likely undergo changes after funding was approved, so I required that the Legislature be told of any and all changes to ensure continuous oversight over the life of its construction. These changes must be accounted for in a very carefully crafted pre-expenditure process contained in the bond measure. The Trial Court erred by substituting its judgment over the judgment of the Legislature.  I am pleased that the Appellate Court reversed the lower court's decision, putting high speed rail back on track, and putting Central Valley workers back to work.”