As PG&E wobbles, we can’t let the utility stop the growth of public power in California

As excerpted from our Sacramento Bee Op-Ed.

After emerging from bankruptcy for the second time in two decades, PG&E is defending itself in court over recent wildfires, fending off growing dissatisfaction with its service and trying to raise its already sky-high rates to stay afloat.

PG&E is no longer the only option for electric service, and momentum is growing among diverse California communities, including our distinctly urban and rural districts, eager to ditch the utility’s for-profit model — and shift, once and for all, to locally controlled, public power. There’s only one problem: PG&E, as it does on so many issues, appears to be doing everything it can to stop them.


There’s no shortage of reasons for the state to let communities like San Francisco and South San Joaquin go their own way on public power. They have offered real money for PG&E’s assets — cash that can help PG&E compensate wildfire victims and focus resources on the many other upgrades needed throughout its service area.

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