Right to Repair bill could save families $330 per year, say supporters

As excerpted from ABC 7.

Sander Kushen of the consumer group CALPIRG says manufacturers limit the availability of parts and even service manuals to outside vendors, forcing the prices of repairs up. Adding to the difficulty in getting repairs done, some manufactures will void your warranty if you use a third party repair shop.

"The research shows that opting for repair over replacement could save California families $4.3 billion per year," said Kushen. That's an average of $330 per family.

"It's about having the option. If you own it, you should be able to fix it," Kushen said.

CALPIRG supports SB 983, or "Right to Repair" legislation introduced Monday by State Senator Susan Eggman (D - Stockton), which would open up access to consumers and third party vendors to parts.

Gist thinks that's a great idea. "It would basically give me the freedom to repair the products as I see fit," he said.


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