Senator Eggman Legislative Recap

Good Morning, 

As the final actions on our legislative year have been taken, I wanted to send you an update on what I worked on this year. 

Reforming Behavioral Health in California.   
For far too long people experiencing severe mental illness and substance use disorder have struggled, suffered, and died without the appropriate care that they deserve. Along with the ongoing implementation of CARE Courts, this year I authored/coauthored an additional package of bills to reshape our behavioral health care system. SB 43 will modernize our long outdated law defining when a person is considered “gravely disabled.” Without a substantive update since 1967, this law no longer reflects the realities we see today. The Mental Health Services Act has been a great success – but after nearly 20 years it’s time to update it in a manner that is consistent with reforms in health care coverage and an increased understanding of behavioral health. The new Behavioral Health Services Act (SB 326) will drive resources to those with the greatest needs, including those with substance use disorders, and provide for real accountability with a focus on outcomes. Paired with Assemblymember Irwin’s essential bond (AB 531), these new and restructured investments deliver on exactly what Californians deserve to address this crisis of behavioral health and homelessness. 

Helping the Environment at Home.
As work and planning continues in order to establish a rail link between the Central Valley and the Bay Area, saving a lot of time and frustration along the Altamont, SB 746 authorizes the ValleyLink Rail project to include a hydrogen fuel facility. SB 355 updates the eligibility to allow more low income housing properties to take advantage of solar installations, with bill credits directly to residents. SB 244, the California Right to Repair Act, will ensure that manufacturers of consumer electronics and appliance provide replacement parts, tools, and information necessary for repair to individual product owners and to local repair shops. These things are often withheld from consumers and missing even one of these components can make repair more challenging, less safe, and less reliable.

Improving Health Care and Housing.
SB 311 will reduce inequities by simplifying enrollment into Medicare Part A to provide financial relief for low-income individuals who are disproportionately women, people of color, immigrants, and older adults. SB 267 helps get housing voucher recipients out of shelters and into homes by ensuring they don’t have to rely on credit reports to prove their worth as a tenant. 

Budget funds for the 5th Senate District: 
•    $5 million for Urban Forests in Stockton
•    $2.25 million for the Acampo Drainage Innovation Project
•    $1 million for Modesto Downtown Street Teams
•    $2 million for improvements to Stockton Channel and McLeod Lake 

As always, I’m honored to be serving the people of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties in the State Senate.