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May 08, 2017

Fifteen Fallen Officers Honored during California’s Peace Officers’

Memorial Day –May 8th 2017


SACRAMENTO—Law enforcement officers from across California converged at the State Capitol today to honor officers who made “the ultimate sacrifice” in the line of duty.  Senator Cathleen Galgiani served as the legislativesponsor of this year’s event that included the recognition of fifteen officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

May 01, 2017

Proposed Constitutional Amendment ties tuition increases and substandard service wages to the number of University of California administrators paid more than the Governor.

Today, Senator Cathleen Galgiani introduced a proposed Constitutional Amendment in response to the latest audit of the University of California’s finances.

April 24, 2017

       Senator Galgiani Announces New Legislation to Fund State Share of Mandated 200 Year Flood Control Assistance for San Joaquin County

February 17, 2017
Media Advisory What: Press conference seeking parole reversal for convicted murderers Jeffrey Allen Maria and Marty Spears. When: Friday, February 17, 2017 10:30AM Where: State Capitol, West Steps Who: Senator Cathleen Galgiani will host the event. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson, Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager, and the Ranzo family will be in attendance In a recent decision by the parole authority, Jeffrey Allen Maria and Marty Spears, who were convicted of the brutal murder and rape of Phil and Kathy Ranzo on June 25, 1979, have been granted parole.
January 23, 2017


The California Senate Supports Becerra for Attorney General

SACRAMENTO—State Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) confirmed the appointment of Xavier Becerra for California’s highest law enforcement official, Attorney General.

December 05, 2016

The Senator looks towards consumer protection, housing, infrastructure, public safety, job creation.


SACRAMENTO—State Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) was sworn in today as the Senator for the 5th District, which encompasses Stanislaus, San Joaquin, and Sacramento counties.

September 01, 2016

STOCKTON—State Senator Galgiani is pleased to announce the passage of Senate Bill 907 during the waning hours of the legislative session. The measure, which provides homeowners who receive debt reduction on their home mortgages with important state tax relief, had stalled in the Assembly. The bill was revived and passed the Senate Floor in the last two minutes of the legislative session after Galgiani, working with the Senate’s leadership, spent the remaining hours of session personally lobbying for its passage.

August 26, 2016

Senator Galgiani Calls on Governor Jerry Brown to Reconsider Stance on ‘Date Rape’ Drugs, Sign Senate Bill 1182

SACRAMENTO—Today, Senator Cathleen Galgiani announced the passage of Senate Bill 1182 by the California Legislature. The bill increases penalties for the possession of “date rape” drugs which cause victims to become completely incapacitated, leaving them with no memory of their assault. The bill now heads to the Governor for reconsideration.

August 25, 2016

“Widow Foreclosures” Could Be a Thing of the Past

SB 1150 by Senators Leno and Galgiani provides critical protections for widowers who weren’t listed on the home’s mortgage

SACRAMENTO—State Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) announced today that a bill she and fellow Senator Mark Leno introduced to protect widowers and other inheritors of a family home from being foreclosed on is heading to the Governor.

“Current law passed in 2012 created the Homeowners' Bill of Rights (HBOR), which establishes protections for homeowners and sets up rules and procedures for mortgage services and borrowers regarding options for borrowers to avoid foreclosure” stated Galgiani, “However, the law is silent on what happens for surviving spouses and others if the sole borrower passes away.”

To address this problem and prevent unnecessary foreclosures, SB 1150 clarifies the responsibilities of a lender when a borrower dies leaving a surviving homeowner who wishes to assume the loan. 

“Unnecessary foreclosures hurt families who may be trying to rebuild their financial future after a devastating loss.  As a community, we should not continue to allow lenders to add undue burden on a grieving family” stated Galgiani.

The bill addresses situations where only one spouse is listed on a mortgage, passes and leaves the home to a spouse.  The surviving spouse who wants to keep the home that he or she may have lived in for decades is barred from simply assuming the current mortgage but rather is forced to apply for a wholly new mortgage at a new and potentially higher interest rate.

The bill passed out of both houses of the legislature and is headed to the Governor for his signature.  Please send letters urging the Governor to sign SB 1150 into law or call or email Governor Brown:

Governor Jerry Brown

c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Fax: (916) 558-3160

Email the Governor Here:



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